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We’re going virtual!

As we assess the global state of affairs in the light of the COVID19 pandemic, including multiple “second-waves” and uncertainty surrounding travel and border restrictions, it seems a prudent approach to recreate the SACIM 2021 event entirely virtually.

This option also not only takes into account the health and safety of all our stakeholders, but also aligns with our green philosophy. It is a win-win solution in the current climate!


On behalf of the South African Society of Integrative Medicine, I invite you to join us for the 3rd SACIM conference. 

This conference is unique in that we will be hosting it in the virtual space for the first time.

Of course, it was not planned this way. But with the advent of the novel Corona virus and the resulting pandemic that has swept across the globe, this is the most prudent, safe and practical way for us to meet, collaborate, engage, learn and share.

As Integrative medicine continues to gain traction as a respected medical specialty globally, SASIM remains at the forefront of its development in Southern Africa. We are striving to develop and implement innovative new projects to fulfill our mandate to support practitioners, share knowledge and promote the advancement of Integrative Medicine in Africa.

As with all new paradigms, the definition of this relatively new speciality refines and expands with its evolution. Simplistically put however, Integrative Medicine is the science of healing holistically. Its practitioners view patients as a whole entity, comprising body, heart, mind and soul and use whichever therapies and interventions are scientifically shown to be most effective and safe, even if not taught at conventional medical schools.

We have historically been challenged with the limits of scientific medical research methods in supporting or understanding the mind, body, soul connection but we are now living in a time where the fields of psychoneuroimmunology and quantum medicine are growing exponentially. Evidence is mounting. The scientific community can now join us in journeying into the healing effects of spirituality and accept that it may explore the world beyond our five senses.

This is the focus of our 2021 conference entitled “The Art and Science of Medicine”. Our brilliant speakers have been selected because of their extraordinary success in treating patients in just this way and we look forward to them sharing how they incorporate this concept into their practices, within their individual specialities.

I invite you to come and learn with us from some of the best Integrative Medicine doctors in the world, many from right here in South Africa. Most importantly I invite you to come and be part of history as we collaborate together in the evolution of Integrative Medicine.


Dr David Nye

SACIM 2021 Chair 

A Word from our Chair

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